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Employment Opportunities and Applicant Information

Apply Online for a Job
The Greenfield Union School District provides multiple career pathways including entry–level positions, technical, certificated, and managerial jobs, and opportunities for those with expertise in their field. We invite you to visit the employment page and apply for any position for which you are qualified and that interests you.
Once you find a job of interest, review the job announcement to be sure that you meet the requirements for the position, create or edit your candidate profile, complete any required questionnaires, and add requested attachments (please do not write, "see attachment" in lieu of responding to any portion of the application).

To apply,  select the job title you are interested in and click the "Apply" link. As you complete your application, be sure to enter all information requested of you, keeping in mind that an incomplete application may disqualify you from further consideration.

If this is the first time you are applying using our online job application, you will need to create an account, select a username and password and then complete an employment profile. It is important that you accurately complete your profile as this is the data the District and hiring managers will use to determine your qualifications for the position applied for and for future job openings.

Before you submit your application, ensure that your application demonstrates all the relevant education and experience you possess; be sure to have current contact information and dates for current and former work experiences. 


Reasonable Accommodation for the Application Process

The Greenfield Union School District (GFUSD) is determined to provide a safe, positive environment where all district employees, including job applicants, are assured of full and equal employment access and opportunities, protection from harassment and intimidation, and freedom from any fear of reprisal or retribution for asserting their employment rights in accordance with the law.
An applicant with a disability, like all other applicants, must be able to meet the district's requirements for the job, such as education, training, employment experience, skills, or licenses. In addition, an applicant with a disability must be able to perform the "essential functions" of the job either on his/her own or with the help of "reasonable accommodation."  Any applicant in need of accommodation during the application or interview process may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting the personnel department at 661.837.6000 or [email protected] 
Upon notification, the district will engage the applicant in the accommodation process to explore any and all reasonable accommodations. As allowed, the district will not provide a reasonable accommodation that will cause "undue hardship," which is significantly difficult or expensive. The district will not refuse to consider an applicant if the applicant requires a reasonable accommodation to compete or perform a job. 

Reasonable accommodation can take many forms. Ones that may be needed during the hiring process include (but are not limited to):

  • providing written materials in accessible formats, such as large print, braille, or audiotape
  • providing readers or sign language interpreters
  • ensuring that recruitment, interviews, tests, and other components of the application process are held in accessible locations
  • providing or modifying equipment or devices
  • adjusting or modifying application policies and procedures.