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Greenfield Union Dedicated to Children

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District Office Directory

Greenfield Union School District Contact Information

1624 Fairview Rd.
Bakersfield, CA 93307
Phone: 661-837-6000
Fax: 661-832-2873

Name Email Address Position
Allen, Dion [email protected] Lead Warehouseman
Alvarez, Jessica [email protected] Fiscal Services Technician
Arteaga, Lorena [email protected] District Receptionist II
Avalos, Jessie [email protected] Director of Facilities
Berumen, Margie [email protected] Administrator of Student Services
Bowman, Cody [email protected] Network Specialist
Bukhari, Omar [email protected] Technology Specialist II
Burns, Darcy [email protected] Nutrition Supervisor
Capdeville, Jennifer [email protected] Payroll Technician II
Castaneda, Maria [email protected] Nutrition Receptionist
Cazarez, Samantha [email protected] PBIS Facilitator
Cates, Misty [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Cloud, Natalie [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Dawson, Matthew [email protected] Network Manager
Dawson, Sarah [email protected] Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
Domiguez, Raelena [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Earls, Matt [email protected] Attendance Supervisor
Esparza, Carolina [email protected]
Curriculum Resource Center Assistant
Figueroa-Nelson, Crystal [email protected] 
Public Information Officer 
Ferrone, Michael [email protected] Network Specialist
Freeling, Natalia [email protected] District Bookkeeper
George, Robin [email protected] Superintendent Secretary
Hall, David [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Hendrix, Ramon [email protected] Superintendent
Herrera Olea, Juan [email protected] Director of Categorical Programs
Herrera Solis, Viridiana [email protected] Data System Specialist
Hogue, Lucas [email protected] Assistant Superintendent of Personnel
Janssen, Justin [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Johnson, Julie [email protected] Bus Driver/Trainer/Dispatcher
Keenan, Barbara [email protected] Teacher Education Center Secretary
Kemp, Danette [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Ledbetter, Letha [email protected] Nutrition Services Program Clerk
Levig, Mindy [email protected] District Bookkeeper
Lisuk, Sandee [email protected] Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Business
Martinez, Mary Lou [email protected] Migrant Resource Teacher
Brown, Jeremy [email protected] Technology Specialist II
McWhorter, Jaye [email protected] Technology Secretary
LeCain, Elizabeth [email protected] Payroll Technician
Miller, Dean [email protected] Technology Operations Manager
Morales, Gladis [email protected] Administrative Assistant Personnel
Navejas, Katrina [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Nichols, Karen [email protected] Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Personnel
Nielsen, Robert [email protected] Director of Information and Educational Technology
Norman, Amanda [email protected] Environmental & Utility Supervisor
Norman, Vicki [email protected] Assistant Superintendent of Business
Patton, Rebecca [email protected] Director of MOT
Perez, Mayra [email protected] Transportation Department Receptionist
Peters, Vickie [email protected] Executive Secretary District Services
Queen, Lyn [email protected] Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum
Quiñonez, Jennifer [email protected] Administrative Assistant Personnel
Ramos, Carmen [email protected] Secretary/Bookkeeper/Insurance Services
Reedy, Kimberly [email protected] Director of Extended Day Programs
Rivas, Elizabeth [email protected] Personnel Assistant/Workers Compensation
Rogers, Josh [email protected] Director of Nutrition Services
Rollin, Trenia [email protected] Administrator on Teacher Programs
Romero, Sara [email protected] Secretary to Asst. Supt. of Education Services
Rowell, Tami [email protected] Transportation and Safety Supervisor
Ruiz, Lorena [email protected] Payroll Technician
Ruiz, Lupe [email protected] Categorical Program Secretary
Sanchez, Sarah [email protected] Curriculum Specialist
Secrist, Desiree [email protected] Director of Fiscal Services
Suleiman, Hana [email protected] Director of Assessment & LCAP
Taylor, Jacob [email protected] Maintenance, Grounds, & Custodial Supervisor
Twyford, Sandra [email protected] Data Manager
Williams, Lucy [email protected] Budgeting and Position Control Coordinator
Zandes, Susan [email protected] Early Childhood Facilitator