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Curriculum Department Staff

Assistant Superintendent
of Curriculum
Sarah Dawson
Secretary to the Assistant
Superintendent of Curriculum
Lyn Queen
Director of Categorical Programs
Barbara Houser
Categorical Program Secretary
Lacey Navarro
Migrant Resource Teacher
Elva Avila-Delgado
Administrator on Assignment
Trenia Rollin
Director of Extended Day Programs
Kimberly Reedy
Teacher Education Center Secretary
Barbara Keenan
Family Resource Center Supervisor
Jordan Green
Teacher Education Center Technician
Fernando Ortiz
Technology Integration Specialist
Natalie Cloud
Technology Integration Specialist
Julie Billington
New Teacher Support Coordinator
Cristy Chambers
Professional Development
Brenda Cassell
Curriculum Specialist
Rosa Marquez
Curriculum Specialist
English Learner Lead, TK-8th
Danette Kemp