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Parent/Student Handbook

Dear Parent/Guardian:

 Welcome to the Greenfield Union School District. The Administration, Faculty, and Staff of the Greenfield Union School District believe every student should develop academic, social, and physical skills; moral and ethical values; and a creative spirit. 

 The Board of Trustees has established the following goals for our students:

  • Develop knowledge and use of specific fundamentals: reading, writing, and arithmetic;
  • Develop and maintain and a sound body and mind;
  • Develop an appreciation and respect for the worth and dignity of others;
  • Develop and understand the goals and processes of a free society and participate in the democratic process;
  • Develop a moral and ethical sense of values; and
  • Develop awareness of opportunities and requirements related to specific vocations and the joy in a job well done.

Greenfield schools maintain a safe, orderly, and secure environment conducive to student learning and achievement.  The handbook has been prepared to provide parents with the information needed to begin the new school year successfully. You will find information regarding attendance procedures, conduct, discipline, student services, transportation, and other helpful information.  Please review the handbook carefully and discuss these items with your student(s).