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Transportation/Fog Delays

In the event of severe fog conditions, Greenfield Union School District may call a transportation delay to ensure student safety. When a delay is called, school bus schedules will run two (2) hours later than the regular time. However, schools will remain open at the regular time to receive students who normally walk or are transported by their parents. When a transportation delay is called, parents are urged to consider the conditions before sending or bringing their children to school. Parents should not send their children out or transport their child(ren) in unsafe conditions when they feel it is unsafe. All students have the option of attending school at the normal time or reporting after the transportation delay is over. Teachers and staff provide enrichment, review, or individual activities during these two hour delays. Daily attendance is not recorded until the transportation delay is over. When a transportation delay has been called and conditions remain severe throughout the day, all bus transportation will be canceled. Students who walked to school or were transported by parents will be dismissed at their regular time. When fog is present, you can be of great assistance to our school sites by listening to your local news/radio stations, as they will provide frequent updates and notifications. Parents may also elect to use a smartphone device/computer to check the Kern County School Alert Line to check for delays by accessing the following link: We ask that you do not call the school as the number of calls will create a backlog and “busy signal” and these lines need to be open for emergency and business calls. When delays are called they are announced by school district, not individual schools. If a delay is called “Greenfield Union School District,” the transportation delay applies to all schools in Greenfield.